I am an Industrial Designer living in Boston, MA. This is a collection of things I like, mainly focused on girls, graphics, and good design. Enjoy.

id wear this dope nike shirt.

id wear this dope nike shirt.

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lol’d at a lot of these. View high resolution

lol’d at a lot of these.


Avignon wardrobe by Codolagni.

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Routering that pattern one day.



A modern variation of a classic silhouette, this shape is designed for your favorite caffeinated morning beverage, whether that’s coffee or tea. The vessel holds 12 oz. of liquid, with an elegant handle and tapered foot that’s stable, even when you’re not. Like us, Mazama is focused on making lasting items, here in the US, which fit into the ritual moments of our days, like a great cup of coffee, a craft beer or some well-chosen liquor. So we’ve teamed up with them for a special edition of three Mazama pieces that reflect how we’d like to be drinking these days.  

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